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Don’t throw away your expensive swimbaits, Mend-it!  Hundreds of uses, a definite “must have” for any angler’s tackle box.  Repair your soft plastic baits as good as new in just minutes!

Ridiculously Easy and Cost Effective

Don’t let torn or broken softbaits ruin your day on the water.  Keep Mend-it in your tackle box and don’t let damaged soft plastics or your favorite swimbaits keep you from bringing in a limit.  Trusted by over 80 professional anglers, Mend-it works!

“Mend-it has saved me thousands of dollars!”

I bought my first bottle of Mend-It 2 years ago and your product has saved me thousands dollars on the soft plastic musky baits that I use. Those baits are not cheap, and anything that can be done to repair them, so that they are like new again, is worth every penny. I used to just use the hot knife method, but after a while, the bait stopped swimming correctly. Your product does not cause that problem. I swear that some of the musky baits I have are more Mend-It than plastic. I have also used it to save money on baits that I use for jigging for walleye. Toothy fish destroy soft plastics, buy your product makes them like new again. You have a life long customer and I have referred a few other people to you, so that they can save some money too.  Thanks again for making a great product!

– Scott W

This is the best investment a plastics angler can make. When you first put it on it melts the torn area a little bit and can split a little plastic in half. No big deal, just apply and hold pressure on the spot for a minute or two while it hardens a bit. It does smell so when the fixed plastic goes back in the bag I apply a spray of BANG scent and all is well.
Tyler, USA
OMG….This is not a glue, this is a soft plastic baits welder!!!! Amazing!!!! Very easy to use but it does take longer than normal super glue to stick your bait together and small pretty bad.
Qishen, Des Plaines, IL
I go out and fish and if I see a soft bait with a tear I replace it with a fresh one and put the damaged one in a zip loc bag. When I get home I repair all the baits and put them back in their respective compartments to be used again. They should call this stuff “WELD IT” because the bait is just as strong as when you took it out of the package. I’ve actually reattached tails to certain baits. This is worth every penny.
Steve, Milford, NJ

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